What would life be like without growth? Without growth life simply wouldn't be. We are born or begin in a field of study and then we grow. Whether it is in skill, physically, tactically, mentally, spiritually, or relationally.  Likewise, a major part of the Christain life is growth and growing of course is largely shaped by  experience. Here at Southside we believe God not only calls all people to know Him but He desires us all to grow in relationship with him through Jesus Christ.


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In addition to growing we believe all God's children are called to serve. God  is the molder of each persons unique s.h.a.p.e.* and He is the giver of all good gifts. Through both He equips & blesses His children in order that they might bless others. No part of an individual's s.h.a.p.e.*  is for their enjoyment and benefit alone. Rather, God emphasizes the importance of service in His word (the Bible) and reveals that those who walk with Him will be servants one to another and to the lost and dying world which so desperately needs to know the love of their creator, sustainer, redeemer, & lord.

(*s.h.a.p.e. = Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, & Experience).


New Birth, Spiritual Growth, Service, & then what? Before carrying on in serving and growing it is important to know the why of it all: our goal is sharing God's good news with as many people as possible within our spheres of influence for God's glory & the good of all.


Have you ever found a really good deal or learned some little known information that could greatly bless others? If you have, we're sure you couldn't wait to share it with your freinds and family so they could be blessed too.


It's no different concerning "the gospel," aka "the good news" of God, & the goal of faith in Him. God's desire is that we come to know Him & make Him known.

                         We Are Here for You!

"Come & stand before your maker full of wonder & full of fear; Behold His power & His glory; yet with confidence draw near! For the one who holds the universe & commands the stars above is the God who bends to bless us with an unrelenting love bringing reconcilation to a world which needs to know the affections of a good Father (God) who will never let them Go."                                                      Rejoice! Repent, Believe, & Receive God's Good News!

Everything in the Christain life can be boiled down to trust. Trust God! Take Him at His Word! Repent, that is change your mind & find God willing and able to change your heart and the direction of your life for the better in whatever way or ways it is going wrong and needs to be changed. Then rest in Him, depend on Him, and be amazed as you grow in His grace and in knowing Him from moment of trust to moment of trust!" He is Trustworthy & Faithful! He will never let you down! Amen.

                                 We wholeheartedly invite you to trust Him. Believe us, you will never regret it!


God bless you & we hope to see and minister to you soon!


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